Problems logging in?

One of the commonest problem we see with the website is visitors receiving a message saying ‘Invalid Nonce’  If you receive this message, please don’t be alarmed and don’t think Dexodus is judging you.

This is a security feature of WordPress, or as we used to say in the software business ‘an undocumented feature’ or bug in other words.

It’s caused by our Membership System getting tangled up with our caching system, so it’s…well you may want to look it up and if you can explain it in words of one syllable, be my guest.

We’ve taken steps to eliminate this problem by removing the cache from certain pages.  However, you can help us eradicate the problem completely, by dropping an email to admin of the page where it happened.  Once I receive your email I’ll clear out the cache which should solve the problem.

Alternatively you can simply wait 30 minutes and you should be able to complete whatever it was you wanted to do.