Dexodus is an association that enables ex-Digital employees to stay in touch with each other, to share news and information relevant to any ex-Digital employee, to provide enjoyment to our members and to represent their interests.


Welcome to DEXODUS

Welcome to the Dexodus website, set up and run by the UK based association for people who once worked for Digital Equipment, affectionately known as DEC. As a visitor to the site you can find out more about the association and its services but as a member you have access to much more information on subjects of interest such as pensions and you can participate in the online discussion forums. See the membership page on how to join.

Dexodus is a not for profit association, run by a committee of volunteers and is funded by the membership fees. It produces a quarterly newsletter which is sent to all members and has a helpful web site containing useful information on pensions and other issues (you are looking at it now!). It also works closely with the HP Pension Association to represent the interests of members. It runs meetings in the Reading area and provides support for groups running meetings around the UK. Members are encouraged to use the site to share views with other ex-deccies and reminisce a bit about the ‘good old days’!

Information about members is available via the website and this is regularly used to locate old colleagues and get back in touch. It is of course password protected and only available to other members. So if you are not a member, have fond memories about DEC and wonder what happened to an old friend, you may just find out by joining.

For site visitors who didn’t have the privilege of working for DEC, and even for those of us who did, this short TV programme entitled ‘Digital Man/Digital World’ tells the story of Ken Olsen and the corporation he founded.

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