Dexodus Privacy Statement

Dexodus takes all reasonable effort to respect the confidentiality of personal data it holds on members. We will always be clear on how, when and why we collect and process information.

Data sharing

Dexodus provides members with password-protected access to the visible data on other members, via the website. We will never sell information to any third party. Personal data is never shared without explicit and informed consent from the member(s) concerned.

Updating and deleting records

Individual members are responsible for keeping their own personal data up to date and have access to their records via the website to do so. Records are normally retained if a member leaves the association or dies, though a member’s data can be deleted upon request of the departing member or their heirs or executors. The records will be destroyed when Dexodus closes.

What personal information we collect

We will only ever capture the minimum amount of information that we need to in relation to membership, or services we provide and we promise to keep the information secure. The personal data we will usually collect is:

Visible to other members:
• Name

Visibility controlled by member:
• Address
• Phone Number
• Date joined Digital
• Date left Digital/Compaq/HP
• Interests/activities
• Biography
• Name of partner/spouse

Hidden from other members:
• Email Address
• Date of Birth
• Pension status

How we use the data

We use personal data for the legitimate purpose of conducting core Dexodus activities, these include:

• Administering membership
• Providing services requested by members
• Communicating news about the activities of the association
• Facilitate the running of meetings, visits and other activities
• Understanding how we can improve services
• Distributing the newsletter (with the option of unsubscribing)
• For any other purposes with a member’s consent

Sensitive information

We do not collect any personal information on members classified as ‘sensitive’ under GDPR.

Storing information

Personal data is stored on a password protected computer belonging to the Membership Secretary. It is also stored on the secure server hosting the Dexodus website.

Contact details

The Data Administrator for Dexodus is the Membership Secretary. Questions relating to data security should be addressed to the membership secretary.