About Dexodus

Dexodus was formed in 1991 by a group of people who were leaving Digital in the UK but wished to keep in touch with their ex-colleagues and retain some contact with the company. Many of these were people who were being made redundant having lived through the years of rapid growth and who still felt that there was something special about working for DEC.


In the early years of Dexodus the focus was on providing support for people leaving the company and looking for other work, possibly setting up their own business. DEC was very supportive and saw it as a way of helping employees to move on with their lives but still keep in touch. As the company has evolved through Compaq to HP this relationship has inevitably weakened but Dexodus still has support from HP who distribute information to prospective members on an annual basis.


Over the years, as the age of members has increased, the focus has moved from jobs to pensions. About half of the Dexodus members are pensioners and most of the rest have some interest in the DEC pension plan so this has risen to the top of the priority list. Membership has grown steadily over the years to about 1000 and is still restricted to people who worked for Digital Equipment, but not necessarily in the UK. We have considered extending the membership to ex-HP and Compaq employees who never worked for DEC and decided that this would dilute some of the unique experience we all shared whilst the company was in its prime.